Posted by: dystopiandaze | February 23, 2011


Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix

I read Among the Hidden a few years ago, probably somewhere around early middle school. Even then I found Margaret Peterson Haddix’s writing style to be simplistic… so don’t expect a very sophisticated vocabulary or overly complicated plot line from Among the Hidden. However, you can expect a very entertaining and thought-provoking quick read.

Luke, our main character, is the youngest boy in his family and has grown up living with his family on their farm. He had always assumed that he was treated differently because he was the baby of the family, that he was never allowed to go to school or drive in the truck with his dad because he was too young. However he finds out from his mother that he is different from his brothers for a very important reason. He isn’t the first born. Nor is he the second born. Luke is his parent’s third child, which is illegal according to the Population Law in Luke’s world. Luke’s mother explains,

“The Population Law hadn’t been around long, then, and I had always wanted lots of kids. Before, I mean. Getting pregnant with you was like – a miracle. I thought the Government would get over their foolishness… then they started running all that on TV about the Population Police, how the Population Police had ways of finding out everything, how they’d do anything to enforce the law. And your dad started hearing rumors in town, about other babies…”

-pg. 11, Among the Hidden

For his entire life, Luke has lived in isolation from anyone but his family. And now that the Government has bought his parent’s farm land, he is forced to stay indoors indefinitely, hiding at all times. Can you imagine what it would be like, to have to fear constantly and live in hiding?


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