Posted by: dystopiandaze | February 15, 2011

Trapped like rats

Human Maze at Park City Mountain Resorts

Have you ever felt like you were trapped? Trapped in a relationship? Trapped in your own mind? Some people start to panic and I’m certainly one of them. Maybe I inherited a bit of claustrophobia from my mother; once I’m in a situation that I don’t know how to get out of, I freak. However I’d like to think that there are people out there who excel in those situations, who revel in the adrenaline rush they get from the unknown. I’d also like to think that those people are good with logic puzzles, that they get a certain satisfaction in solving a new problem. They are calm and collected, but take action when necessary.

This all relates to The Maze Runner in that our characters are trapped in a maze for nearly the entire book. Faring a bit better than the boys of Lord of the Flies, there is a very well organized way of life in the Maze. But still, they don’t know why they are in the Maze. And they haven’t given up trying to figure out how to escape and exact revenge upon those who imprisoned them. There are a few chosen boys that are “runners”, these runners venture out of safety into the depths of the Maze in an effort to find a route of escape. Thomas, our main character, feels a strong desire to become a runner, despite the many associated occupational dangers. As The Maze Runner progresses we see that he is defiantly one of those calm, collected take-action types.

The below video is certainly more comical than the predicaments that the runners often find themselves in, but it probably gives us a good idea of what the runners would be seeing while searching the Maze.



  1. Hahahaha OMG I love that they have a human vs rat maze race competition. The stack up was entirely too cute the rat had the advantage of nose twitching lol. I have always wondered what I would do if trapped in a serious maze. I am definitely the less panicky, let me calm down so I can actually get myself out kind of person. The book sounds very interesting maybe i’ll check it out in the summer time when I don’t have to worry about school.

    • Sounds like you’d be a good person to get trapped in a maze with then! 🙂 There’s usually tons of copies of the book at libraries… and I’d recommend adding Uglies by Scott Westerfeld to your summer reading. From reading your blog I think you’d find it pretty cool, too.

  2. this sounds interesting, and I like that you reference Lord of the Flies, one of my favorite books! I wonder if this maze trap will be a recipe for disaster or if a bunch of people put together in a difficult situation brings them closer together? I’m interested to find out what happens in this book…

    • I’m so glad that you’ve read Lord of the Flies and liked it. Your question fits Maze Runner really well! Some of the characters become enemies and some become friends because of all the difficult situations they are in.

  3. The book sounds good! When I’m not bogged down with so much homework, I really want to read some of these you have suggested. I love the video! Too funny:) My family once did ridiculous corn maize challenge. It took us forevvvvvver to get out. You had to solve a bunch of riddles a long the way, but it was fun. Your post remined me of feeling trapped in the maize. hahaha

    • Sounds a lot like Maze Runner, though it also sounds like a lot of fun. Glad I could bring back the memory!

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